Travel Must See: The Palais Garnier, Paris

Who would have thought my first visit to an Opera House would trigger an instant love? During our trip to Paris I saw a promotional advertisement for an Opera House in Paris which showcased rows of chandeliers. I, of course, immediately turned to my ‘new’ fiance and asked if there was room on the agenda to go, and indeed there was! Today’s “Travel Must See” takes us across the pond to one of my favorite places on Earth.


The Palias Garnier is regarded as one of the most famous opera houses in the world and just by stepping in the front entrance you can see why. Grand marble staircases, works of art on the ceiling, multi level entry ways, and detail in every turn. Every step taken around the building leads your eye to incredible details. Looking at the photos you are probably thinking it already looks familiar, even if you have never visited. And, you would be right. The Paris Opera House made it’s true rise to fame after being featured as the setting for the popular “Phantom of the Opera”. Remember the chandelier that comes crashing down to center stage? The real one is hanging in the middle of the 1900 horseshoe shaped auditorium and weighs 7 tons. That is 7 tons of gorgeous, friends! It’s as beautiful as it sounds and despite my efforts to convince Opera House workers to let me take it home and hang it in my living room, it is still there for you to see.
As you walk around the multi level foyer, you’ll see costumes from iconic opera performances on display. These hand made beauties sparkled with crystals from across the balconies. The Opera House also houses a museum, impeccable interior design and history as rich as the velvet seating. I easily could have spent all day here, and at one point chose to sit on the marble stairs just to appreciate all of the beauty and history that made this place so unique.


Upon leaving the fiancé and I agreed that a new bucket list item for us is to see a live Opera in a historic Opera house somewhere around the world. We are still deciding where that somewhere will be, but I can hardly wait for the experience.


** All photos owned/taken by us**

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