Family Fun for Everyone

Basically, you can never go wrong with me and animals. Unless we’re talking about reptiles and snakes, and then you might be able to count me out. But, anyone who knows me well can tell you that I will give anything to feed things like little piggies, wild monkeys, sweet dolphins, and more. My fiance jokes that my favorite part of our Hawaii trip was feeding a group of wild chickens and roosters on the Road to Hana…and, he was right.

So, it is no surprise that while on a drive down to Tucson, Arizona, I absolutely HAD to stop at the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch, located in Picacho, Arizona. YOU. GUYS. It is the best $7 I have ever spent.

Here are a few of the fun things you can enjoying doing for about the same cost as your favorite Starbucks beverage:

* Feed eager donkeys who love to nip or gently kiss at your clothes as you walk by. These sweet guys gently take the feed right of your hand, and slobber all over you while doing it. It’s actually pretty adorable, they even take turns! This was by far my favorite group to feed, I even went back to them with a second helping.

* Feed sweet deer. These little ones crowd together and are anxious to take the feed right into their mouths. They don’t bite, but they were a little more aggressive than the donkeys when it came to eating.


* Feed adorable, but freaky goats. Am I the only one who thinks goats are scary looking? Don’t let their look scare you. These sweet ones make kissy faces every time they want food. And, although I was temped to stick my lips out, the thought of what they’ve been eating all day with no one to clean their face kept me far away.

* Ostrich Feeding. Okay, so this wasn’t my favorite. Why? BECAUSE THEY BIT ME. I know, you are going to tell me that Ostriches can bite, and I realize that, but these little guys are sneaky, and hungry! While standing a few feet away from the fence, one of these big birds extended his neck and took a snap right at my arm. I screamed, people stared, and I decided I was done with this part of my adventure.

* Ducks and Lorikeet feeding. Included in your $7 admission is a token for duck food and a container that contains sweet nectar. A diagram shows you how to properly feed the ducks, and you enter a giant enclosure which houses the Lorikeets. These beautiful, colorful birds, land on your hand and eat right out of the cup. Fun, even for a big kid like me.


So if you’ve already traveled to Disneyland and Mount Everest and you are looking for a family filled acitivty that you have not done before and won’t break the bank, this cost effective, TOTALLY FUN, ranch should be on your travel list this summer. You can get more details on hours of operation and fun facts HERE.

Just don’t turn your back on the Ostrich.


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